Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Ghaust//Kelelawar Malam Kuala Lumpur show

Venue : One Cafe, Chow Kit Road. Kuala Lumpur
Date : FRIDAY, 9th July 2010
Ticket : RM 20

Bands Playing:
When I first heard their debut album, there was a strong rush in my blood, the sense of excitement. Being out of norm, this duo instrumental band from Jakarta had making a step ahead with their music deliverance. Focusing on the post metal//post rock genre, adding up with mid gain, warm guitar sound and tight drum work, and pour a nice punk rock touch inside the music. They had recorded two songs for an upcoming split with Aseethe from Iowa tht will be release by cactus records. Read their review, and hear some of the song sample at

Horror // goth punk worship sure dig this. Simplicity, catchy and yet dancable punk band from Jakarta. Imagine tuneful old misfits or ramones, blend it together with dark horror lyrics. They have a debut album called Desmodus Ronturus that can be download for free here -

Remember tragedy had became a phenomenon few years back, and this band was one of the few good bands that been formed by taking the inspiration from the music of tragedy. They are still active and getting stronger than before. They have a really tight set. Perhaps you can get a copy of the Pazahora/Ghaust split 7" that had already out during this show!

If you need a wonderful escapism from the generic normal music, then you have to check em out. One man band that throw some hardcore noise sound with real gadget not PC workstation. This is not midi electro type of music but focusing more to noise ala merzbow.

One of my favourite band that came out within the local scene. This bands features few friends from various band like Quest of Quasar, Relationsheep, Sarjan Hassan, Aghast etc etc. This remind me a lot to the down tune stoner metal band like Facedowninshit, eyehategod or high on fire. Rockish, yet heavy and they stoned you up!

They seldom have a chance to show up in the local show but they will promise serious good shit. Amplifier worshiper, drone, ambient soundscape are some of the perfect word to describe PHJ. And of course the guitar are amplified by one of the most heaviest amplifier ever made. Think Sun O)).

Ghaust / Aseethe split CD, and a tour shirt will be available during this show!

P/S : Ikutkan hOtak aku ini, nak jerk pergi event ini pasal aku minat ngn "Ghaust" tapi apakan daya aku byk keje kat jb. Diaorang plak bikin kat KL adOi. xpelah anggap jerklah aku tgh prOmOte ahaks!

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